Friday, September 9, 2011

Sound & Vision Part One

I'm eagerly awaiting delivery of the sound mix by composer and audio whiz Rodney Whittenberg a little later today. He gave me a taste of what to expect a few days ago, which got me really psyched. It's amazing what a professional sound mix can do for a movie. It adds new depths, new dimensions to the experience. Really - it's what turned "The Tolltaker" into an actual movie for me.

Rodney's an interesting guy: he's got this really cool little studio tucked away like a hobbit's warren in a 200-year-old farm house in Plymouth Meeting, Pa. He has an Emmy, for a TV show he scored a few years ago. He keeps it in the bathroom, over the toilet. He says that's what they do in Hollywood. I lived there for 10 years and never personally saw that, but then I didn't generally move in social circles that included Emmy winners.

The plan is for Rodney to put the sound mix up on iDisk in an hour or two, from whence I will fetch it and lay it into the Tolltaker timeline in Final Cut Pro. God willing, everything will synch up, but hard knocks at the hands of Murphy's Law have taught me not to count on that. One way or another, I have to get an export over to Mike Brand at Lafayette Hills Studios by this evening so I can get deliver a Blu Ray to the New Jersey Film Festival on Monday.

The clock is ticking...

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