Monday, September 19, 2011

I See, Said the Blind Man...

I just realized that this blog has no art on it. It's visually boring, monotonous. So I will rectify that by posting the occasional image as well, starting with this one, which is a little 4x6 postcard I intend to start leaving at Film Festivals (and other locations), beginning this weekend at the NJ Film Festival - that is if get the postcards delivered to me in time.

The postcard, you can see, has been cobbled together from stills from the movie, as well as the logo we've had almost since the beginning of production. I wanted to blend the layers seamlessly into each other but, my Photoshop skills being rudimentary (to put it charitably), I couldn't figure it out. So I wound up using the vines as a means to cover up the seams between the layers. Kind of works, though, doesn't it? Necessity indeed does breed invention.

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