Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Missive From Sisyphus

I guess it's time for an update on "Europe After Dark."

This is the 10-episode travel-lifestyle TV series about European nightlife that we shot in Europe last summer. Sounds great, right? Shot last summer. Done and done. We contacted the Fox Station Group and showed them a few sample episodes, and they were quite enthusiastic about it. Chris King, who heads ad sales for the company, told me they would be willing to move other programming around to accommodate our show.

The problem is this: we have to sell the advertising ourselves. To do this, we signed with a media buying firm with a lot of experience selling advertising time in the paid programming arena. They tried, but to date have gotten no firm commitments to sponsor the show.

The reason? "Europe After Dark" is an untried entity. It has no track record, no ratings - nothing that could be used to sell its worth as a vehicle for delivering a particular advertiser's message. A solution would be to do a test run in a single market, and that's what my associate Van Sher is doing now.

We'll keep on trudging....

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